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Metabolism 101

Aerobic Energy/Respiration

Aerobic Energy/Respiration
Aerobic and anaerobic metabolims is key to weight loss.

Metabolism is the process the human body uses to produce energy, and it involves the breakdown of food stuffs, combined with oxygen to provide energy. A useful analogy is a car combining gasoline and air so the engine can fire. 

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR/RMR) is the number of kcal you use when just resting. RMR can vary greatly and is modified by your amount of muscle mass, activity level, nutrition and state of rest. If you are trying to lose weight, this can be an important number as your actual RMR can vary + or - 50% from predicted levels, having a substantial relationship with how much you should eat to achieve your goals.

Exercise Metabolic Rate (EMR) is the number of kcal you use when performing steady-state, cardiovascular activity. This number is determined from a gas exchange exercise testing on either a treadmill or bicycle. EMR is directly tied to your anaerobic or lactate threshold (AT), which is the point where your body shifts out of cruise control into a passing gear so to speak. This is the most trainable factor in human physiology, and can have a 53% upward swing from untrained to trained.

Knowing how to exercise within your personal zones dramatically increases your AT, which then directly translates into being able to burn more kcal at a comfortable level in endurance exercise.